How to become a 360 Degree Leader and Influence everyone

Learn the art of Leading Up, Leading Down, Leading Across and Leading Self

A Group Coaching Program to help you become a 360 Degree Leader

Would you like to Influence more people positively in your organization?


Would you like to be that person your customers and stakeholders love to work with?

As a manager/leader, would you like to see your team aligned to the goals?


Also on the other hand...

Are you struggling to get promoted in the current organization?

Do you believe you have immense potential but it is under-utilized?

Do you struggle for visibility within your organization?

Do you feel that you are often ignored by the rest of the organization?

Do you often struggle to get respect from your own team members?

If any of your above answers is a "YES", this program is for you


This Coaching Program will help you come out of that shell and become a 360 Degree Leader, one who has visibility across your management team, your peers and your key stakeholders and creating a positive influence for everyone around.


You will learn, and will be coached to implement the strategies to become an awesome, successful, loved leader

Now is a good time as any, to hone up your leadership skills.  With words like 'emerging trends’, ‘hot skills', 'digitization' amongst other intimidating parlance, vying for attention and implementation, it’s a given, that an organization can stay above the rest, only by leveraging on its quality leadership:


  • Leadership that can seamlessly integrate the traditional and contemporary.  

  • Leadership that can create more leaders who can rise and be 'outward looking'

  • Leadership that is not just successful but 'awesome' under all circumstances.

What my clients say about my Coaching - Testimonials​ 

“…He comes with vast experience in different fields and his life coach skills are a feather in his cap. He asks the right set of questions to make you introspect and find the answers to some of the questions you are refraining to answer to yourself. He is a very genuine, grounded, pleasant and an approachable person…. I can confidently say that after every coaching session from him I am a better version of myself! Thanks for being a go-to person Johncey....”

Thejaswi, Test Lead

​I have been with Johncey for over 6 months now.  He came into my life when I was pivoting my career and surrounded with challenges.  Through his value centered guidance he helped me understand my inner self and direct my actions towards a meaningful career that would capitalize on my passions and strengths.  He has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring person, that the amount of time he spent with me and for me has re-kindled the motivation in me to move forward in this journey full with values and passion.  I’m very grateful to have worked with him and if one is looking for someone to confide in and learn about oneself, one’s potential, I highly recommend Coach Johncey, to help transform their career.

J P Kurmi, Director

Truly it's been a blessing to have you as my coach, really loved the way how you handled the session and made me realize my core values and goals. Your coaching has definitely changed me as a person and has made me much more confident. It has helped me approach all my problems in a much better way. Your coaching is really what is needed today!...”

Clint Ulahannan, Computer Science Engineer

Human brain has tremendous potential. An expert is required to take this to Right direction and dig this potential. Coach Johncey is an amazing expert in this field. He has made me understand my strength, my weaknesses. Asking Right questions is the key, he does it fantastically. I am truly grateful to Coach Johncey George for adding value to my life and my business. Thanks.

Sachin Agarwal, Business Owner, Active Power Corporations​

"He is a great listener and asked just the right questions to guide me into distilling concrete goals from my vague ideas. His encouragement and occasional course adjustment were essential in meeting many of those goals. The coaching has had a long-lasting beneficial impact on both my professional and personal life. I managed to increase productivity, reduce stress and plan for the future in ways I had not done before." 

Jaishree Sanadya, IT Project Manager

"Our organization is on a growth path, and as we scale it's important to continue to provide an 'Outside-in view to help guide leadership and align them to a common charter. And in order to achieve that we decided to seek help from a professional Coach. The idea was to have a session to energize our India leadership team as we get into the new year.

We engaged with Coach Johncey, who came highly recommended, and among the Top 10 India coaches. Coach Johncey took a session on aligning the organization vision, mission and values with the personal values and life purposes of our India leadership team.

This exploration session was an eye opener for all and valuable for the organization. Coach Johncey used several frameworks for the self-discovery process and allowed the entire team to have fun during the process.

It is important for organizations to continue to run these alignment exercises for employee engagement and business growth. We look forward to take this engagement forward at various levels."

Shankar Bhaskaran
Group Vice President and GM International Operations, MetricStream

The session, which is conducted online enabling you to be at the comfort of your home, is facilitated by Johncey George (Coach Johncey) who is an International Coaching Federation certified leadership and life coach, with a corporate experience of over 2 decades. He was the COO of Skelta Software, Director of Software Delivery Center for Invensys Bangalore, Board of Directors of Invensys Hyderabad, Director at Schneider-Electric. Currently he is in the advisory board of Zeolyt, a start up advisory and funding firm.


Coach Johncey was recently featured in CEO Insights magazine among the Top 10 Best Life Coaches in India

Johncey won the Notable Networker award from BNI (Business Network International) a few months ago. He will share some secrets of networking during the mentoring part of the program. You can read some comments shared by people who knew him earlier here. 


1.    Are these sessions online?


Yes, these sessions are LIVE online and hence you can attend from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and an internet

2.    When are the sessions conducted?


     Monday April 6, 2020        8:30pm to 10:30pm IST

     Monday April 13, 2020      8:30pm to 10:30pm IST

     Monday April 20, 2020      8:30pm to 10:30pm IST

     Monday April 27, 2020      8:30pm to 10:30pm IST

     Monday May 4, 2020      8:30pm to 10:30pm IST

3.    What topics shall be covered?
This is not a training program, but a coaching program aimed at transformational change. So the topic will be based on the participants' asks  (collated from participants' needs). This would mean that your specific issues will get addressed in the program which will also benefit many others in the program. But some of the key areas that will definitely be covered are mentioned above


4.    Will the sessions be recorded?

    Only certain portions of the sessions will be recorded. The LIVE coaching sessions will not be recorded 

5.  What is the cost of the program?

Ony Rs. 9500 per person (all inclusive)

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