Executive Leadership Coach, Life Coach and Entrepreneur Coach

Johncey George is an Executive Leadership and Life Coach and an Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation
(ICF – ACC). 

Johncey is featured among the Top 10 Best Life Coaches in India 2019 by CEOInsights Magazine.


He works with Executives, Senior Leaders and Business Owners to help them achieve their goals in their business and career. The coaching conversations help them unlock their potential and achieve their development goals. The coaching sessions enable them to see some blind spots and he helps them overcome that. He also acts as a sounding board for them and help them take powerful, quick decisions.


Coach Johncey helps organization build a strong second and third level of leaders by developing their Executive Presence in addition to other skills.  

Johncey George has had a corporate career of over 23 years, ranging from being a Director at Schneider Electric to a COO of a mid-sized start-up firm, Skelta Software. He was also on the Board of Directors for Invensys Hyderabad. In these roles, Johncey built several large teams across Software Delivery, Global Project and Program Management, Customer Support, Training, HR, and others. A BE graduate, he completed his Executive Management Program from IIM Bangalore. He has also completed multiple certification programs from ISB Hyderabad and Harvard Business School. 


Johncey has always been passionate about helping people deliver their best – both in the corporate sector as well as socially. Based on his vast experience and learnings, he is now focusing his time and efforts as the founder of an executive coaching firm with a mission of impacting a million lives – one life at a time.

As an executive coach, Johncey is certified by The Coach for Life Institute, USA. The tools and techniques – such as Fulfillment Coaching Model™ and Core - SELF - tech™ – he uses are world-renowned. Johncey recognizes the benefits of coaching for himself in the Entrepreneurial journey and is currently being coached by Peter J Reding, a pioneer in the field of Professional Coaching.


Johncey’s coaching engagement follows: 


As a coach, his focus is in working with:

  • Senior and middle management

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Introverts

Why Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching for Introverts?

As an introvert himself, Johncey is familiar with the feeling of having great ideas but preferring not to express them. In a world of extroverts, the reserved nature of introverts can sometimes hold them back- their brilliance does not show through. By coaching the introverts, Johncey will tap into this vast potential and help them create value for themselves and the world. 

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Find out with this test. Take the test here: https://www.quietrev.com/the-introvert-test/

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