How to become an Awesome 21st century Leader

Learn the 7 Building Blocks to become an Awesome, Successful and a Loved Leader


Also a secret 8th step (which nobody will tell you!), which will help you cross the last mile.

Now is a good time as any, to hone up your leadership skills.  With words like 'emerging trends’, ‘hot skills', 'digitization' amongst other intimidating parlance, vying for attention and implementation, it’s a given, that an organization can stay above the rest, only by leveraging on its quality leadership:


  • Leadership that can seamlessly integrate the traditional and contemporary.  

  • Leadership that can create more leaders who can rise and be 'outward looking'

  • Leadership that is not just successful but 'awesome' under all circumstances.  

I understand you are probably already grappling with multitudes of deadlines, running from one meeting to another, trying to sustain a cohesive team.


So, you may ask- who has the time to upgrade and hone? 


The answer is simple, you don't have much of a choice. You need to give focused attention to realign your skills, suit up and embrace the imminent exciting changes. 

What are some Key Skills you need to have?

This 2 hour webinar based on the upcoming book being written by Leadership Coach Johncey George will give you an insight into what are those key skills you need to acquire or sharpen. 

The webinar will also give insights into what else you have to do become that successful leader you want to be.

The session, which is conducted online enabling you to be at the comfort of your home, is facilitated by Johncey George (Coach Johncey) who is an International Coaching Federation certified leadership and life coach, with a corporate experience of over 2 decades. He was the COO of Skelta Software, Director of Software Delivery Center for Invensys Bangalore, Board of Directors of Invensys Hyderabad, Director at Schneider-Electric. Currently he is in the advisory board of Zeolyt, a start up advisory and funding firm and also in the advisory board of Vidya Foundation as a Leadership coach. 


Coach Johncey was recently featured in CEO Insights magazine among the Top 10 Best Life Coaches in India. 

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