Discover Your Core YOU and get clarity about your Career and Business

  • Have you hit a road block in your career?

  • Are you an Entrepreneur struggling or wanting to grow your business?

  • Are you aspiring to be a great Leader in the industry?

  • Are you a Professional out of your job and struggling to get going?

  • Do you often feel a lack of fulfillment in whatever you do?

This Self Discovery session will help you get started with a better understanding about YOU, which will help you to take your personal, professional and business growth to the next level. 

Benefits of this Self Discovery Exercise

It will help people discover who they really are outside of the identity built from societal projections. What are their core values? What do they really care about? What is their life purpose? And what are the strengths they can draw upon?  


By answering these questions, each individual will gain a sense of clarity about how they can chart a new, fulfilling path for themselves. 

This exercise called Core-SELF processes (Core-SELF Tech™)  support you to remember and articulate who YOU have always been – at YOUR Core. This is an Assessment tool that reveals the 100% uniqueness of that YOU, not an Assessment tool that puts you into a finite number of buckets or categories

When you are reconnected to your Core-SELF, it liberates you from years of programming from the outside world that has created a dependency on other’s opinions on how you should live, what you should value, what you should learn and how you should act. You can now hear more easily that voice from within that is YOUR Core SELF – by eliminating old, programmed, and unconscious voices or good opinions from others so you can now rely on your own wisdom that has always been there as your own inner guiding voice.

"When a person is broken by outside forces - LIFE ENDS. When the individual breaks out of their conditioned shell - LIFE BEGINS. Human transformation can only originate FROM INSIDE the individual."

Peter J. Reding

"Become extremely intentional with everything that you do. Be fully on purpose. Make sure everything you do supports who you are and who you want to be"

Oprah Winfrey

After the session, you will leave Renewed, Re-energised, Inspired having learnt what will help you get that deep sense of fulfillment in your personal and professional life!

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What my clients say - please read some Testimonials​ 

 I had the opportunity to engage with Coach Johncey for my “Self Discovery” activity. What happened during that process was just awesome as his ability to bring out my inner self was so meaningful, smooth and crisp. He came across as a great listener & had the ability to keep the discussion focused on the objectives. It was exciting to see how I re-understood myself, my values & my strengths. The outcome: “ I emerged re-energized, confident, focused person leveraging my strengths and values”. Coach Johncey is a smooth operator and a real catalyst for your growth. I recommend every professional to take his help to re-discover and become great leaders

B S Raveesh
CEO, Aishan Technologies India Pvt Ltd

I happened to attend the introductory session of Coach Johncey and was stunned by the outcome script of 'self-realization' , a script which describes oneself in the best way.. And I signed up for an annual session.. And the outcome was visible and too quick in terms of personal grooming.. 1) I started getting up early from bed, before the sunrise. 2) Quit 20 long years of smoking, on the third month of his coaching. Highly recommended; And I urge everyone to sign up for his session and explore the hidden things within oneself.

Simon Louis

Managing Director, Touch Hygiene Services Pvt Ltd

The session you conducted truly was a discovery moment for me.

I appreciate the entire process you took me through and help me identifying my inner demons which blocks my scaling up personally as well professionally. 

Learning from the session-

  • Identification of my core VALUES

  • Identification of my  core STRENGTHS.

  • My LIFE PURPOSE statement.

  • Positive affirmation about SELF.

I have re-read the notes and it had a cathartic impact on me. I felt light after the session and was in a state of calmness with clarified thinking process. I believe this was because the way you conducted the entire session and listened to the shadow emotions from childhood which is hampering/ blocking me to give and perform to the BEST of my ability.

Thank you so much COACH. I can’t thank you enough for all the efforts you took to make it an impactful communication.


Sanjay Sharma
Founder and Managing Partner
Chatak HR

“Johncey George is a coach par excellence who gets the best out of me with his insightful questions. Every coaching connect we had helped me to be more aware about myself, stay focused and to create an environment to achieve my goals. A go to Coach who affirms the 'we are in this together' culture."

Sara Jacob, Asst. HR Director

"Johncey has been working with me for the past few months. He has been instrumental in helping me plough through my professional challenges by encouraging insightful thinking , introspection and pragmatic analysis of my challenge(s). This has helped me enhance my business leads  and clientele. his is sincere in his approach, determined on follow-ups and genuinely interested in your success. A go-to coach."

Thamanna M V

Founder, Eccelenza

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The session, which is conducted online helping you to be at the comfort of your home, is facilitated by Johncey George (Coach Johncey) who is an International Coaching Federation certified leadership and life coach, with a corporate experience of over 2 decades. Coach Johncey was recently featured in CEO Insights magazine as one of the Top 10 Best Life Coaches in India. 

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