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Sounding Board, Mentor, Helped me Think out-of-the-box

Johncey was my coach for about a year.


The fact that he specializes in coaching 'introverts' helped him understand my problems, concerns, and apprehensions better than most people would.


He doesn't give you a 'solution' to implement but keeps asking probing questions to prompt his coachees to think for themselves and determine their next course of action.


Over the course of my interactions with him, Johncey became a sounding board, a mentor, a guide and a friend. He helped me think out-of-the-box and expand my horizon to possibilities that I didn't think were possible.


An absolutely fantastic year of coaching with Johncey!

CFO of a Fortune 500 Global Company

More Confidence, Tougher Decisions

I feel it is easy to find success in the early part of the career when things are more or less defined for us, but as we grow further in our careers there is no fixed way to continue succeeding. 

How does one decide between equally exciting and equally risky opportunities?


Coach Johncey came in at this point in my career to help me focus on developing conscious attention to my core motivations in life. This, in turn, resulted in me making tough decisions more easily and feeling unstuck in day-to-day work.


When I worked with my authentic values(discovered during the coaching sessions), I felt more confident in experiencing the outcomes and making the best out of them.

As an aside, Johncey is a very thoughtful coach with the mentee's best interest in mind. He remembers the smallest of the details mentioned to him in the sessions and shares the resources and guides at times when one doesn’t expect them. I am glad that he was part of my journey and I strongly recommend him as a coach.”

Eshita Priyadarshini

India UX Lead, Google

Varun Girilal, Managing Partner Scripbox, Former First Class Cricketer

Vijay Vardhan.jpg

Improved my Peer Relationships and Managing Up

I have been working with Johncey for about 6 months now. He came across as a good questioner and an excellent listener.


During the coaching sessions, he provided me with tips and strategies which helped me sharpen my leadership skills.


Due to this, I was able to implement actions that improved my peer relationships, big-picture thinking, and upward management in the organization.


Vijaya Vardhan Panthagani

Director of Customer Support, SaaS Labs

Pankaj Pophale.jpg

Helped my Stakeholder Management and Strategic Thinking Skills. Got Promoted as a CTO

Thank you to Johncey for coaching over the last 6 months. It was a great learning experience.

While I knew many leadership concepts, Johncey’s methodology provided me deeper insights and approach to be taken in the context I was in. That of course is a big benefit of Coaching.

Stakeholder engagement and Strategic Thinking are 2 key areas where I gained a lot from coaching with Johncey.

I have now taken up a new role as CTO and I am sure learnings derived from coaching will help me in my new role too.

Pankaj Pophale

HSBC, A newly promoted CTO

Advaith Mohan.jpg

Brought me out of my shell

Coach Johncey has been a great mentor and friend for the short time that I’ve known him.

I would highly recommend everyone to try Coach’s Self Discovery session to crystallise their values and life’s purpose in a very actionable way.

As an introvert myself, I really appreciate his introvert focused approach to coaching.It has brought me out of my shell and has really helped me to become a better businessman and leader.


His Strategic Thinking workshop is also a great practical introduction to the art and science of strategy.

Advaith Mohan
Start Up Founder –

Shivakumar Hosangadi.jpg

Improved my Executive Presence and Presentation Skills

Dear Coach, it was great to have you as my coach as I learned a lot from you.

Specifically, coaching helped me improve my executive presence and presentation skills. Your sessions helped me improve my LinkedIn visibility.


It was a great experience for me to have a coach who is very humble and very approachable. Your dedicated 1-1 sessions helped me improve conflict management on the work front.


I will always cherish the time I spent with you. Thanks a lot. I will stay in touch with you even in the future.  Once a Guru is always a Guru. 

Shivakumar Hosangadi

Sr. Director - Software Engineering

GE Healthcare

Werner Finley.jpg
Abhisek Bakshi.jpg
Gaurav Rishi.jpg
PestOTouch Director.jpg
Ruchi Solanki.jpg

Johncey George is a fantastic Leadership Coach. He is a calm, well-organized person. He gives an excellent perspective on work situations and offers alternative ways to view things

My Coaching sessions with him helped me truly move forward with my work life. His Coaching can help anyone gain clarity and make a significant change, and create the next steps while having a supportive ear by your side. 

Thank you so much, Johncey!

I highly recommend Johncey for Leadership and Career Coaching.

Ruchi Solanki

Manager - HR, Quadwave

Coach Johncey is a knowledgeable, qualified and result-oriented coach


I deeply value the time we spent together and the progress that helped me make in my life. Without your support, I wouldn't be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward.


Coach Johncey was extremely helpful in guiding me to figure out the different career options that I could be passionate and happy in.


Due to personal and professional setbacks, I felt lost and lacked the confidence to aim for higher roles. Coach Johncey's strategies and self-assessments helped me to open up to specific roles that I would be interested in and that might be favorable to my skillsets.


During our sessions over phone calls, he was very attentive and friendly, and he took extra time and care to explain my assessment results and provided guidance on the next steps. Coach Johncey is very talented in guiding his clients and ensures we work our way through his expertise.  I have reinvented myself and feel confident in the new role I have recently bagged.


Thank you, Coach for being there and guiding me to bring out my best.

Rahamath Begum

Sr. Manager, GRC

GSK Consumer Healthcare India

Executive Presence and Personal Branding Coaching

I’d like to thank you for being an excellent coach and guiding me over the last few months. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the coaching engagement with you and would like to compliment you on your professionalism and your coaching style which helped bring out the best in me.

I personally benefited from the “Self Discovery Exercise” that you conducted for me and the session on “Executive Presence and Personal Branding” which helped me further improve my relationships with senior execs in my organization. Thanks again for helping me in professional journey!

Head of the Department

MNC Bank

Rashmi Misra.jpg

Brought in Mindset Change, Creative Thinking, Sharpened the Leadership Skills

For the past year you have been an amazing coach to the entire VIDYA teams across the country. Starting with the VIDYA Bangalore teams that you lead though a series of coaching sessions and did your magic of changing mindsets, bringing in creative thinking and making them into leaders of their work areas.

To be a true leader, it’s very important to understand the core. Just as the pencil has to be sharpened frequently, you have done that for the VIDYA Team.

A very big thank you, from the entire VIDYA family, for being an amazing coach and for the impact you have made to over 600 VIDYA teachers and leaders.

Rashmi Misra

Founder & Chairperson, Vidya Foundation

Shankar Bhaskaran.jpg

Aligned Personal Values to Organizational Mission, Vision and Values

“Our organization is on a growth path, and as we scale it’s important to continue to provide an ‘Outside-in view to help guide leadership and align them to a common charter. And in order to achieve that we decided to seek help from a professional Coach. The idea was to have a session to energize our India leadership team as we get into the new year.

We engaged with Coach Johncey, who came highly recommended, and among the Top 10 India coaches. Coach Johncey took a session on aligning the organization vision, mission and values with the personal values and life purposes of our India leadership team.

This exploration session was an eye opener for all and valuable for the organization. Coach Johncey used several frameworks for the self-discovery process and allowed the entire team to have fun during the process.

It is important for organizations to continue to run these alignment exercises for employee engagement and business growth. We look forward to take this engagement forward at various levels.”

Shankar Bhaskaran

MD & Board Member, India,


Johncey George is a coach par excellence who gets the best out of me with his insightful questions.

Every coaching connect we had helped me to be more aware about myself, stay focused and to create an environment to achieve my goals. A go to Coach who affirms the ‘we are in this together’ culture.

Sara Jacob

Assistant HR Director, EY

I was in need of help in my professional career and finally decided to seek the help of an Executive Career and Leadership Coach.

Coach Johncey is an incredibly intelligent, perceptive, professional and empathetic person that I believe, gave me an honest, concise and holistic approach to career and leadership coaching. I will recommend Coach Johncey to any individual be it a career professional, corporate leader or entrepreneur.

Coach Johncey takes time to really understand you, creates an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and encourages the open and free exchange of feedback and ideas. Many of us face struggles in our professional lives and having a mentor like Coach Johncey can be the difference maker that helps us successfully overcome the challenges of career development. He helped me make improvements to the career search process, especially to my approach to interviews and I was able to secure a new job during my time under his mentorship.

Career coaching improved my methodology and approach for the career search and development process. I will wholeheartedly endorse Coach Johncey for anyone who needs help to overcome challenges they face in their careers or businesses.

It is one of the best decisions I have ever made and the best decision one could make for their future.

Elvin Philips

Coach Johncey’s Coaching program has most definitely been life changing.

Here are some great results after I went through the program.

1. I lost over 15kgs of weight, which was one of the goals I set. While I followed an awesome weight loss program by another consultant who Coach suggested, it was the motivation, ideas of being consistent which I received in the Coaching Program which helped me get started and reach the goal.

2. The program helped me to be a better doctor because of the proactive approach I have taken in my profession after having a mindset change which happened during the program.

3. The program helped me gain financially too because of my professional growth.

Apart from this:
a. I learnt what was success and what it meant to me, rather than an open-ended undefined definition. I find happiness because of this.

b. This program conditioned my mind to think positively and more importantly to do that consistently to a point where I noticed changes in my life which were positive.

c. This program made me think about the things that matter and more importantly the things that matter to me.


I highly recommend Coach Johncey’s Coaching Program.

This program can help you do what you need to do, to get what you want from life, irrespective of your circumstances.

Some may have to work harder and some people will take longer but everyone’s goals aren’t the same.

That is were Coach Johncey’s guidance is key. Progress is inevitable.

Dr. Naveen Mathew

a Medical Doctor

Thriving in an extrovert world is challenging for an introvert. With our natural inclination for staying out of the limelight, our professional life may sometimes hit roadblocks as we try to grow up in the career ladder. However, with the right guidance, we can leverage our strengths and potentials to overcome those challenges.

I fortunately came across Johncey George who provided me guidance to identify my challenges, gave access to his unique programs, and suggested an action plan based on the self-discovery.

His guidance helped me to attain a promotion to the next role in a very short span of time.

Here are some other benefits from the coaching program
• Realized the potential as an introvert and how to leverage the strengths

• Got insights into various strategies to overcome the challenges as an introvert in the corporate environment

• Improved visibility (speak up during meetings/events) and developed a brand of my own (at workplace and also on platforms like LinkedIn)

Principal Information Developer Citrix

Sunil Sukhija.jpg

We are in the business of used cars. We started working with Coach Johncey with the intention of increasing our sales, and what we got in return was something deeper.

Coach Johncey helped us understand our Core Values, Vision, Goals, strengths and weaknesses, and our very own business from the inside out. He did this by patiently understanding what we do, and asking us all the right questions. His support was available at every step, without keeping time and scope of work in mind. His determination and action oriented follow-ups have kept us on our toes, and always reaching out for more.

Thanks Coach Johncey for all your support, and I look forward to strengthening our relationship in the future. I wouldn’t think twice before referring you to everyone I know.

Sunil Sukhija
Founder, Car Connect

Sachin Agarwal.jpg

Human brain has tremendous potential. An expert is required to take this to Right direction and dig this potential.

Coach Johncey is an amazing expert in this field. He has made me understand my strength, my weaknesses. Asking Right questions is the key, he does it fantastically. I am truly grateful to Coach Johncey George for adding value to my life and my business. Thanks.

Sachin Agarwal
Business Owner, Active Power Corporations

Jaishree Sanadhya_edited.jpg

“…He is a great listener and asked just the right questions to guide me into distilling concrete goals from my vague ideas. His encouragement and occasional course adjustment were essential in meeting many of those goals.

The coaching has had a long-lasting beneficial impact on both my professional and personal life.

I managed to increase productivity, reduce stress and plan for the future in ways I had not done before.”

Jaishree Sanadhya
IT Project Manager

I had lost confidence to crack interviews for restarting my career. I had almost given up. Johncey boosted my confidence and helped me identify that I had all the resources to move ahead. Just with a few sessions of Johncey, not only have I restarted my career but confidently performing as well

Cecilia Reena


“I had the opportunity to engage with Leadership Coach, Johncey George for myself and my team. We started with the “Self Discovery” activity. What happened during that process was just awesome as his ability to bring out our inner selves was so meaningful, smooth and crisp.

He came across as a great listener & had the ability to keep the discussion focused on the objectives. It was exciting to see how we re-understood ourselves, our values & our strengths. We emerged re-energized, confident and focused.

Our team has hugely benefited from being part of his Leadership Coaching Programs.

Coach Johncey is a smooth operator and a real catalyst for your growth. I recommend every professional to take his help to re-discover and become great leaders.”

BS Raveesh

CEO, Aishan Technologies India Pvt Ltd

“Successful and yet unhappy. I was struggling, working much harder than before and yet results were few. Frustrated, it almost felt like I did not deserve happiness. Karma, fate, what was it that was causing it?

I was frustrated and lonely.

It is through coaching I realized that the person I had become was not someone I wanted to be. I wasn’t able to relate to who I had become, in my need to drive results.

That single shift of perspective has made all the difference to my life as a leader.

I have worked hard at increasing my awareness levels; my EQ has shot through the roof. All because, I am now living in alignment with who I want to be; as a leader, as an individual.

Today I am achieving more, yet feeling more fulfilled.

Thank you Coach Johncey for introducing me to this world of Coaching and changing my life for ever!”

A CEO Coachee

I had the opportunity to engage with Leadership Coach, Johncey George. I started with the “Self Discovery” activity and some powerful positive affirmations as daily routine. What happened during that process was just awesome, as his ability to bring out our inner selves was simply remarkable and insightful.

Johncey is a fantastic coach and a real catalyst for your multidirectional growth. I recommend every professional, specifically Introverts, to take his help to re-discover and become great leaders. Through his sessions, I realized that the person I had become was not someone I wanted to be.

A slight change of perspective has made all the difference to my life landscape. I have learned and worked hard to enhance my awareness with respect to body and mind. He is a great listener and his insightful questionnaire techniques to address and catch the ongoing issue is top-notch and mind blowing.

I started feeling full of abundance and fulfilment in my life through this heightened awareness and my dream job which I got in Jan 2021 made it sweeter.

Thank you coach for introducing me to the actual way of life to live forever.

Ashutosh Gupta

Sales Professional, Mirasys
A Top-Notch Enterprise Sales Professional-Ashutosh from Mirasys (Finland based MNC)

“Ever since I attended the “personal branding” workshop in May 2020, I have been a regular at Johncey’s sessions. From helping me identify my life purpose through the self-discovery activity, the confidence building mechanism by way of structured Q & A, importance of the personal board of advisors, the process of enlisting accomplishments, importance of standards, the year end programme on goals and the numerous activities that Johncey’s conducts in his sessions were an amazing learning experience.

Through these sessions, I have gained perspective, I am in a much better thought process that is positive and forward looking.

The coaching sessions are practical, devoid of jargon and easy to understand. The takeaways from the sessions are numerous which are very easy to implement.

Through Johncey, I have realised the importance of having a coach who can fill in the gaps and make that difference that really matters. The collaborative group sessions with other trainers and coaches are added advantages.

Be it an introvert or otherwise, I strongly recommend Johncey’s coaching programmes. There is an abundance of knowledge and experience that a coachee can bank on and learn from.

Krishnan Hariharan

It was a life changing experience to be coached by Coach Johncey.

The approach he takes to bring out the best in you, which you may not be knowing yourself, is commendable.

The thought provoking exercises make you to think more about yourself and get to know yourself better and eventually knowing others and dealing with them.

The personal branding boosts up your confidence to higher levels.

It was an overall great experience to be coached by Johncey. I highly recommend to be coached by him.

Process Manager from a Market Research Company

As an introvert, I was in a constant search for a means to understand my true self objectively and find my identity as a professional. Coincidentally, I chanced upon Coach Johncey on LinkedIn and contacted him immediately. Within a few hours he pinged me back for a warmup session which helped lay a clear path forward.

Subsequent 1:1 sessions and exercises did the magic of spreading on paper a clear fingerprint of my mind which threw light on the answers I was always looking for. This gave me confidence to achieve my goals without compromising on my values. Now, I have a mental toolkit that I can apply in any area of my life.

Coach Johncey’s approach is highly intuitive, friendly and he constantly instills confidence during sessions.

In my opinion, his program is a manifestation of the famous proverb “If you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”.

I would strongly recommend for anyone looking to either grow within their current position or venture out and forge a strong new path. Best wishes!

Santosh Param Sivam

Retail Industry

Achu Vinod Thomas.jpg

The initial self-discovery session got me hooked. Coach Johncey helped put together pieces of me which were scattered around in my head, to form the clearer picture of who I am. He makes you think deep and has the ability to bring out the best in you.

He helped me accept the person that I am and showed me how to bring out the strengths which I didn’t know I had. He is a patient listener and it was very comfortable communicating with him.

Attending his coaching sessions has sparked a fire in me to be better and I feel truly motivated to pursue my dreams.

Achu Vinod Thomas
Associate Analyst, EY

Hari Govind.jpg

“…Apart from being a great leader, he is also a great mentor. He has this innate ability to mentor and coach people. People with great leadership and coaching ability is the need of the hour!”

Hari Govind
Practice Lead, AVEVA

Thejaswi SR.jpg

“…He comes with vast experience in different fields and his life coach skills are a feather in his cap.

He asks the right set of questions to make you introspect and find the answers to some of the questions you are refraining to answer to yourself. He is a very genuine, grounded, pleasant and an approachable person

…. I can confidently say that after every coaching session from him, I am a better version of myself!

Thanks for being a go-to person Johncey….”

Thejaswi S R
General Manager, Digital Engineering


The session you conducted truly was a discovery moment for me. I appreciate the entire process you took me through and help me identifying my inner demons which blocks my scaling up personally as well professionally.

Learnings from the session- Identification of my core VALUES, Identification of my core STRENGTHS. My LIFE PURPOSE statement,Positive affirmation about SELF.

I have re-read the notes and it had a cathartic impact on me. I felt light after the sessions and was in a state of calmness with clarified thinking process. I believe this was because the way you conducted the entire session and listened to the shadow emotions from childhood which is hampering/ blocking me to give and perform to the BEST of my ability.

Thank you so much COACH. I can’t thank you enough for all the efforts you took to make it an impactful communication.

Thank you Coach.

Simon Louis
Managing Director, PestÖTouch

“If you are an introvert and would want a result oriented coaching for an overall development be it in your professional or personal life, Johncey’s program is worth going through.

Practical and easy to follow practices can really help overcome the challenges an introvert would be experiencing.

Johncey is a highly recommended coach to seek help from!”

Adarsh P S
HR Professional


Johncey has been working with me for the past few months. He has been instrumental in helping me plough through my professional challenges by encouraging insightful thinking, introspection and pragmatic analysis of my challenge(s). This has helped me enhance my business leads and clientele.

He is sincere in his approach, determined on follow-ups and genuinely interested in your success.

A go-to coach.

Thamanna M V
Founder, Eccelenza

Mithun Bannerjee.jpg

“…Special mention to his excellent coaching and mentoring skills which has led to many talents from the company take up higher positions and explore their potential to the fullest.”

Mithun Banerjee
Director, Schneider-Electric

I have been with Johncey for over 6 months now. He came into my life when I was pivoting my career and surrounded with challenges. Through his value centered guidance he helped me understand my inner self and direct my actions towards a meaningful career that would capitalize on my passions and strengths.

He has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring person, that the amount of time he spent with me and for me has re-kindled the motivation in me to move forward in this journey full with values and passion.

I’m very grateful to have worked with him and if one is looking for someone to confide in and learn about oneself, one’s potential, I highly recommend Coach Johncey, to help transform their career.

J P Kurmi

“…through the thought provoking exercises along with fun filled and in-depth coaching, he helped me discover my additional areas for enhancements…

Coach also shared pragmatic steps to work on the areas identified…By stitching together the outputs of various exercise, I was able to develop a road map to sharper executive presence.

I strongly recommend Coach Johncey to anyone or any organization which is looking to introspect, reflect and rejuvenate.

Anup Thomas
Risk Advisory Professional, EY

Sandeep Bangera.jpg

“…Johncey has a keen interest on coaching and shaping people career. He is the mentor and coach you would like to be associated with to reflect on your leadership practice… 

I strongly recommend you attend his coaching sessions to understand and to be mindful about your leadership style.”

Sandeep Bangera
Program Excellence Lead

“Truly it’s been a blessing to have you as my coach, really loved the way how you handled the session and made me realize my core values and goals. Your coaching has definitely changed me as a person and has made me much more confident. It has helped me approach all my problems in a much better way. Your coaching is really what is needed today!…”

Clint Ulahannan
Executive Engineer, Continental Automotive Components

“…The conversations with Coach are eye openers. The program guided me to structure my thoughts, my actions and even my goals in a meaningful way.

…Being an introvert means one is a good listener, but as introverts we hardly get anyone who is ready to listen to us.

Coach Johncey made sure he heard the challenges carefully and offered well thought out and real action points to overcome the challenge. Would recommend this program to others as well – it will help every introvert immensely in finding one’s true self and take necessary steps to really “Unleash Your Potential”.

VP Sales
Research & Advisory Firm

Sandeep Teachers Day.jpg
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