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The incredible power of “Thank You”

I had an opportunity to address in a community event of the youth and the elderly where the agenda was how best they can work together. After a short talk, I requested them to spend some time with each other and look into their eyes and just say “thank you”. Tears started flowing from both the youth and the elderly and they said this acknowledgement of each other was one of the most enriching experiences they had in the recent past.

“Thank you” is more than just good manners; it’s a phrase to represent the positive emotion of gratitude.

The power of this simple phrase goes beyond just its meaning.

– It helps bring people together.

– The strongest bonds are built on mutual appreciation and “thank you” is a superglue!

– It strengthens your connection with others while making you a happier person overall.

When you express gratitude to others, you will see that they are willing to stretch just a little further to help you. Thanking others automatically makes you more likeable since you are acknowledging their positive contributions. No other good or service can replicate genuine thankfulness.

In some cultures, just smiling or a nodding your head acts as a token of gratitude. Yet, in today’s busy and noisy world, it is important to express it in words so that the other person truly gets the message.

Say thank you today, in more ways than one! Here is a list of different languages you can say “thank you” in.

I want to thank Peter Reding and Amrita Singh, my coaching gurus, who taught me the importance of saying “thank you” and, oh yeah, why it is important to accept it too! More on that in one of the future blog posts.

Do you feel grateful for someone in your life? Pick up the phone and let them know today! Watch how powerfully it takes your relationship to the next level.



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