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Impactful, Bespoke Executive Coaching in Bangalore


Coaching helps high potentials and future leaders grow and achieve business and personal goals faster.

Johncey has corporate Leadership Experience of 23 years, Management education from reputed institutes like IIMB, Harvard, ISB, Ross Business School and is a certified coach from International Coaching Federation. Coach Johncey and team have developed unique leadership development programs which helps today’s time constraint individuals to learn skills and implement in their specific context.

At your organization, coaching will help high potentials and future leaders open up their mind to new possibilities and enable them to achieve faster success of their goals.


Introverts have excellent ideas, but they often don't express them. Introverts prefer to work in solitude and hence the achievements are not often visible to the senior management. 

Inspired Businessman

Introverts draw their energy from being alone and so are often not seen networking with others. Hence they are generally perceived low on leadership capabilities.

Coach Johncey is himself an introvert who had to tide over such difficult situations an introvert faces and understands the thinking process of an introvert.

This program helps introverts grow successfully without forcing to change your core behaviour, but realizing what needs to be done in various social situations and organizational needs.


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Strategic Thinking

Enhance Your Strategic Thinking. Sound smarter with your customers and senior management. Make smart decisions that help you and your company grow.

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First Time Manager Success

This program helps first time managers, individual contributors(who want to become managers), and business owners who struggle to manage their teams. 


Leadership Success Club

The program will help you fast-track your career and prepare you for taking on Senior Management and CXO Roles from both Leadership and People Management perspectives. The program will help develop the mind-sets and habits required for Senior Management roles. 

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