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Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs


Grow your business by identifying unique talents and capabilities you have as an Entrepreneur and also by building a strong 2nd level of leaders. A business can scale up by building more capable leaders in your organization.

What are the Coaching Benefits for Entrepreneurs?

  • Manage anxiety and lay out clearer paths of progress

  • Remove loneliness

  • Manage insecurity and self-doubt

  • Inspire yourself

  • Achieve stronger work-life balance

  • Discover new possibilities and opportunities

  • Grow the top line and bottom line faster

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Book a call with Me!

Schedule a 15 minute free session with Coach Johncey to understand how you can work together and awaken the leader in you to take you to the next level.

Pallavi Raveesh's Testimonial for Coach Johncey's Strategic Thinking for Entrepreneurs Program


Sunil Sukhija's Testimonial for Coach Johncey

What Clients Say

"Johncey has been working with me for the past few months. He has been instrumental in helping me plough through my professional challenges by encouraging insightful thinking, introspection and pragmatic analysis of my challenge(s).  "

Thamanna M V, Founder, Eccelenza

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