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Career Coaching and Leadership Coaching for Working Professionals


Career Coaching helps you rediscover your career.

Coach Johncey helps you discover yourself by identifying your strengths, values and purpose. The coaching helps you sharpen your Executive Presence, improve your Personal Brand, help overcome any blind spots you may have and become a 360 degree leader who leads up, down, across and self effectively.

Career Coaching and Leadership Coaching Benefits For Working Professionals

  • Moving into a desired new role quickly and more effectively

  • Reduced stress

  • Heightened awareness levels

  • Ability to say a "Positive NO" and still feel great

  • Develop excellent alignment with colleagues

  • Strengthen conflict management skills

  • Stronger relationships with own team members

  • Significantly higher delivery of goals and objectives

  • Improved Executive Presence

  • Get Noticed for Critical Roles and Promotions

  • Grow as an Impactful Leader in your organization

Information Technology

Book a call with Me!

India’s first Leadership Coach and Career Coach for Introverts.

Schedule a 15 minute free session with Coach Johncey to understand how you can work together and awaken the leader in you to take you to the next level.

What Clients Say

"Johncey George is a coach par excellence who gets the best out of me with his insightful questions. Every coaching connect we had helped me to be more aware about myself, stay focused and to create an environment to achieve my goals. A go to Coach who affirms the 'we are in this together' culture."

Sara Jacob, Assistant HR Director, EY

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