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6 Unspoken Rules of Job Promotion

Who doesn’t like getting promoted on the job? Getting recognition and praise for your work gives you the zeal to perform better. Promotions give you chance to play a more important role in the company, earn a higher salary and respect, and gain a sense of accomplishment. They don’t just bring bigger responsibilities and rewards but also validate your worth in an organization.

Earning a promotion is not an easy task. You have to prove your mettle and sell yourself well enough. Here are 6 unspoken rules of job promotion that might help you get it.

1. Build a case for yourself: Before asking for the promotion, build a case for yourself. You must fairly assess your efforts, your accomplishments, and your relations with your colleagues and managers. Next, evaluate whether you are worth this promotion or not. If the answers are in your favor then don’t hesitate in asking your manager about your promotion.

2. Get noticed: You might be good at your work and wouldn’t have left any stone unturned but it doesn’t ensure that your efforts have been noticed by your seniors and peers. In such a case, your promotion might be at risk. Getting noticed is a basic rule for getting a promotion that you desire. Make sure that efforts and hard work get acknowledged by your managers and your peers as they play a keen role in your promotion. Talk to seniors and managers, seek their guidance, and offer them a helping hand if needed. They might delegate such tasks to you that pave for your learning and building leadership skills.

3. Know your self-worth: Knowing your worth in any organization is very important. If you want to ask your manager for a promotion, you must know your self-worth beforehand. Research your value in your organization as well as the job market so that you have the power to negotiate. Be prepared with the list of your responsibilities, tasks, your worth in the job market, and data that represents your worth in your organization.

4. Look for signs: At times, you might perceive that you are given more responsibilities than others, a difficult task might get allotted to you or your manager is trying to give you new challenging projects. This might be a sign that your managers and senior authorities are acknowledging your abilities, skills, talent, and diligence. Grab these opportunities and showcase your worth to get the desired promotion.

5. Don’t assume you will be promoted: Just don’t keep assuming that your hard work will get noticed automatically and you will be promoted. Sometimes, you need to walk up and speak with your supervisor about your hard work and achievements. You constantly need to meet your targets and perform outstandingly to get noticed by your managers and supervisors. You need to take active participation in all the meetings and present your ideas that might help to achieve the targets. You also need to ASK for your promotion.

6. Showcase your worth: If you want to get promoted the showcase to your manager and HR why you are important to the company and how you can help in its growth. Keeping the company’s growth and progress above your own projects you as a worthy employee of the company. As a result, your seniors trust you as a strong team player who pushes for the company’s growth.

Those 6 Unspoken Rules of Job Promotion from Coach Johncey might help you move up the ladder in your organization. For a more personalized understanding and guidance, get in touch with Johncey George – a Certified Leadership Coach in India.



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