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Own up the mistakes – The Leader Way!

One day, while driving, lost in my thoughts I switched lanes without turning on the indicator. Needless to say, a fellow driver on the road was enraged. I realized my mistake and quickly waved, smiled and said ‘I am sorry’. The driver soon calmed down and smiled back.

I have often seen that ‘road-rage’ is triggered by every day, mundane instances like above. Being aware of the situation, assuming responsibility and owning up to your mistakes can defuse and simplify most ‘angry’ situations.

Owning up to your mistakes is a sign of Leadership.

Doing so, will help you: Strengthen yourself and your relationships- Others will begin to see you as a person who is ‘real and fallible’- as someone who is not afraid to show his vulnerable side. This will make you relatable.

Trust-worthy: When you own up to your mistakes, you become authentic. When you are authentic, others find it easier to drop their ‘pretense’ and be authentic themselves. This improves relationship and builds trust.

You become a role model: when you acknowledge and admit your mistakes you inspire others to follow the same.

Creates awareness: Helps you avoid committing the same mistakes by helping you be more aware of yourself. When you assume responsibility for the mistakes committed, you create a sort of affirmation to act on it and avoid the same in the future.

In conclusion: All of us commit mistakes, leaders too. However what will help you stay ahead of the rest is through your approach in handling mistakes. This simple, yet powerful habit can transform you and your people from the inside-out.



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