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Stakeholder Expectations Management

During my corporate stint, I used to take up various training/facilitation sessions as part of the Internal Training Group. One of the sessions I took was Stakeholder (Customer) Expectations Management. The topic was all about how you can continuously learn and be aware of stakeholder expectations by looking at people around and how they deal with their stakeholders.

One example I used to take was about Rathnamma, our staff for several years. Rathnamma knew the exact preference of coffee/tea for everyone in the office. Not just the regular staff, if a visitor had come to our office once, Rathnamma would remember their preference next time – even if they came after a year!

A couple of weeks back I visited my old office, which I left 4 years ago. Rathnamma came running with my tea – same strength, same amount of sugar that I preferred, in the same personal cup of mine, which she preserved in the office just for me. What an amazing person!! I knew it was not just stakeholder management, there was love too!

Here are some things that we need to be conscious of: When I am (anyone is…) your stakeholder (customer included), I (they) expect…

  1. That my (stakeholder’s) preferences are remembered

  2. To be taken seriously

  3. That your service is dependable and reliable

  4. That you anticipate my needs and factor them in

  5. That I am updated about the status of the project/delivery/service

  6. That I am listened to

  7. That you exhibit Empathy and Respect to me and my needs

  8. That I am not passed around, but attended to

  9. That you display a positive attitude about your intent to help me and work with me

Let us learn from other service providers and improve our stakeholder and customer management skills. That is the best way to continuously learn!



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