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The Power of Coaching

One of the fundamental aspects of human nature is this: everyone wants to live on their own terms. No one wants to be seen as “Seeking Help.

Through proper coaching, you can discover your core brilliant self and let your brilliance show through!

I had a first-hand experience of this a few months ago… My father is an octogenarian and was recently unwell. He had trouble walking, so I tried to hold his hand and help him. However, he refused my help even though he needed it. When I asked him why, he said something very thought provoking: “It’s shameful that I need help to walk!”

All of us prefer to chart our own path and build our lives and careers without actively seeking any external help. After all, seeking help is often perceived as a weakness!

Little do we realize, a lot of time, we are stuck and need help. That’s when we need coaching.

A coach helps us break out of old, limiting habits. During the course of coaching, a coach helps discover our core by asking some fundamental questions –What drives us? What are the core values that we have? And how can we channel these to improve / change our career, relationships and life?

A coach also helps us identify our blind spots.

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about why some people are successfully able to change their deep-rooted behaviors while others are not. Fundamentally, it comes down to our core. The more we are aligned to our core, our real beliefs and fundamentals of being, the higher will be the satisfaction score of our life.

So, are you ready to see your career and life with a fresh set of eyes?



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