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Create more Leaders and Strengthen Your Organization with Focused Leadership Coaching for Introvert Leaders

Welcome to the Coach Johncey website. I'm very pleased that you are considering one of my coaching programs. My team and I will be happy to provide you with everything you need to succeed.  

Your Coach, Johncey George

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what clients say

Over the course of my interactions with him, Johncey became a sounding board, a mentor, a guide and a friend. He helped me think out-of-the-box and expand my horizon to possibilities that I didn't think were possible.

The fact that he specializes in coaching 'introverts' helped him understand my problems, concerns, and apprehensions better than most people would.

An absolutely fantastic year of coaching with Johncey!

CFO of a Fortune 500 Company

About Coach Johncey

Johncey George is an Executive Leadership and Life Coach and a Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation (ICF – PCC).

Johncey has done over 1200+ hours of Professional Coaching. 

He works with Executives, Senior Leaders, and Business Owners to help them achieve their goals in their businesses and career.

Johncey specializes in Leadership Development Coaching for Introverts. He helps them celebrate their strengths and become successful as leaders.


Being an introvert himself, he understands their thinking process. He combines this knowledge, his 2 decades of corporate leadership experience, and his coaching experience to help create more leaders among Introverts.

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How our Leadership Coaching helps Introvert Leaders?

Introverts are quiet in nature. This is often misunderstood as lack of confidence, and shyness, and in some cases, they are considered arrogant. Because of this, they are often ignored for promotions and leadership roles.


We live in an environment well suited for extroverts (collaboration, networking, parties, public speaking, etc., are critical for success in a corporate environment).

Introverts need to overcome such perceptions and sharpen their Executive Presence to succeed. They also need to brand themselves better. But all these behavior goes against the natural being of an Introvert. 

My coaching engagement starts by helping individuals discover their core selves, their authentic being. Not the projections that are being interpreted by the world but their most natural, authentic way of being. Articulating their CORE beliefs and values gives an individual a deep sense of clarity on who they are and how they can lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life – at work, in their relationships, and for themselves.


Secondly, I believe in creating a supportive, supportive environment that builds on an individual’s core strengths and talents. Criticism, comparison, and judgment have no place in this environment.

Thirdly, I believe every individual has a unique learning style and pace.

As a coach, I work with individuals to help them find their own path, true to their own style, instead of taking a prescribed path. What works for one individual may not work for another. So the approach is customized. 

All the above ensure greater stickiness of the new habits formed through the coaching journey and help fast-track their career by sharpening their leadership skills.


Embrace who you really are, Dear Introvert

Being an introvert is probably the best thing to happen to you. Extroverts are not "better" than introverts, they’re just different. 

It’s time to stop assuming that introverts are less than or that they’re not equal. It’s time to change the rules of the game. A third of the world’s population is made up of introverts and there’s nothing “wrong” with us. Here’s why.

Johncey George, Executive Leadership Coach, Bangalore, India

Johncey George is an International Coaching Federation accredited Certified Leadership, Life and Career Coach based out of Bangalore, India

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Improved my relationship with senior execs

Executive Presence and Personal Branding sessions helped me further improve my relationship with senior execs in my organization.


Johncey George, Executive Leadership Coach, Bangalore, India

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