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Best Leadership or Executive Coach in India: What to look for?

Best Leadership Coach in India

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, effective leadership is the key to success. The role of a leadership coach is invaluable in guiding individuals to reach their highest leadership potential.

If you're on a quest to become the best leader you can be, look no further than India's thriving coaching landscape.

In this article, we delve into the essence of leadership coaching in India, exploring the traits of exceptional leadership coaches and how to find the best one to propel you towards greater heights in your career.

The Power of Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching transcends traditional training. It's a personalized and transformative journey focusing on self-awareness, skill enhancement and strategic thinking.

Whether you're an aspiring leader or a seasoned executive, a skilled leadership coach can help you navigate challenges, uncover your hidden strengths and refine your leadership style.

Best Leadership Coach in India

When searching for the best leadership coach in India, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Expertise and experience A reputable leadership coach possesses a deep well of experience and a proven track record. Look for coaches who have worked with leaders from diverse industries, demonstrating adaptability and a strong understanding of various leadership contexts.

  2. Does the leadership coach have to be from the same industry as yours It is quite natural and understandable that this question is asked. The answer is NO. It is not essential or even necessary for the coach to be from the same industry as yours. A leadership coach should not be hired with the intent to advise with industry challenges but with the intent of helping you develop your overall leadership skills. The efficacy of leadership coaching stems from its focus on cultivating universal leadership skills and qualities that transcend industry-specific knowledge. While expertise in a coachee's industry can provide context, a leadership coach's primary role is to enhance personal and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and communication skills. These core attributes are applicable across diverse industries and a coach's outsider perspective can often offer fresh insights and novel approaches. By not being tied and limited to a specific industry, leadership coaches can foster holistic growth and help coachees develop versatile leadership abilities that can excel in any professional setting.

  3. Tailored approach No two leadership journeys are alike. The best coaches craft personalized strategies that align with your goals, strengths and areas for development. Their approach is individualized and holistic at the same time, addressing both professional and personal aspects of leadership.

  4. Proven success stories Seek out coaches who proudly share success stories of clients they've guided towards remarkable leadership achievements. These stories illustrate their effectiveness and commitment to their clients' growth. We encourage you to read the success stories and testimonials to compare if the coach has been able to get results for their clients who were/are in similar situations to you, be it in India or abroad.

  5. Strong communication skills and empathy Effective coaching hinges on clear communication and empathy. The best leadership coaches are exceptional listeners who create a safe space for you to express your challenges and aspirations. Their empathic approach fosters trust, enabling you to open up to them.

  6. Stay away from negative coaching approach Negative coaching, also known as destructive coaching or toxic coaching, refers to a coaching approach that primarily focuses on criticism, fault-finding, and demoralizing feedback rather than constructive guidance and support. This type of coaching can have detrimental effects on an individual's self-esteem, confidence and overall development. It is very unlikely that it will be advertised or declared that your coach would be using this approach. However, if you find yourself dreading a coaching session or feeling dejected and demoralized after coaching sessions, you need to have a discussion with your coach about the same. If the pattern repeats, you have to find yourself another coach before your confidence is damaged further.

  7. Continuous learning Leadership and coaching techniques evolve over time to meet the evolving needs of the corporate industry. A top-notch coach engages in continuous learning to stay abreast of the latest leadership trends to ensure that they help you with the most relevant insights. Check out how much your potential coach has invested in their own lifelong learning.

  8. International Coach Federation (ICF) or similar accreditation A coach’s International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation holds significant value for coachees seeking coaching services. The ICF is a globally recognized organization that sets standards for professional coaching and provides accreditation for coaches who meet their rigorous criteria. When a coach holds an ICF accreditation, it indicates a golden stamp of approval that signifies the following:

  • Quality assurance: ICF accreditation indicates that the coach has undergone a comprehensive training program and assessment process. Coaches with ICF accreditation have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in coaching skills, ethics and professionalism.

  • Competence: Coaches with ICF accreditation are held to a high standard of competence. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively guide coachees towards their goals, making the coaching experience more impactful and results-oriented.

  • Ethical practice: ICF-accredited coaches adhere to a strict code of ethics that emphasizes integrity, confidentiality and professionalism. Coachees can trust that their interactions with an ICF-accredited coach will be conducted in an ethical and confidential manner.

  • Effective coaching process: ICF-accredited coaches are trained in various coaching techniques and methodologies that are designed to facilitate personal and professional growth. Coachees can expect a structured and effective coaching process that helps them gain clarity, set goals and achieve desired outcomes.

  • Global recognition: ICF is an internationally recognized organization and its accreditation holds weight across different countries and industries. Coachees can have the confidence that they are working with a coach who meets global coaching standards.

  • Personalized approach: ICF-accredited coaches are skilled in tailoring their coaching approach to the individual needs of coachees. This ensures that coachees receive an individualized coaching experience that aligns with their goals and preferences.

  • Continuous professional development: ICF-accredited coaches are required to engage in ongoing professional development to maintain their accreditation. This commitment to learning ensures that their coachees receive coaching that is informed by the latest industry trends and best practices.

  • Accountability: Coachees can expect ICF-accredited coaches to hold them accountable for their goals and actions. The coach will support the coachee to stay on track and take meaningful steps towards their desired outcomes and challenge or positively confront them when the agreed-upon actions have not been taken.

In essence, a coach’s ICF accreditation provides coachees with the assurance that they are engaging with a qualified, ethical and skilled professional who is dedicated to helping them achieve their personal and professional aspirations. It enhances the overall coaching experience and increases the likelihood of positive and transformative outcomes for coachees.

Navigating the Selection Process:

Research extensively:

Start by researching online platforms, professional networks and industry associations. Look for coaches with strong online presence, informative websites and a clear description of their coaching philosophy.

Check for ICF accreditation:

Check if the Coach is ICF accredited. It is the gold standard for professional coaching.

Read reviews and testimonials:

Reviews and testimonials offer firsthand accounts of clients' experiences. These insights can help you gauge the impact a particular coach has had on others.

Interview prospective coaches:

Once you've shortlisted potential coaches, reach out for an initial consultation. Use this opportunity to discuss your goals, ask about their coaching approach and assess whether their style resonates with you.

It is important to understand whether the coach uses a negative coaching approach. This approach can often destroy your self-image and confidence.

Assess chemistry:

Chemistry between you and your coach is pivotal. Most coaches offer an initial chemistry session for this very reason. A harmonious relationship encourages open communication and ensures the coaching process is effective.

The transformational journey:

Enlisting the guidance of a skilled leadership coach is a commitment to personal and professional growth. Through targeted sessions, insightful feedback and tailored strategies, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

As you work towards becoming the best leader you can be, remember that this journey requires dedication, patience and a willingness to embrace change. The best leadership coach in India will not only equip you with leadership tools but also inspire you to create a positive impact on your team and organization.


The search for the best leadership coach in India is a quest for excellence and self-realization. As you navigate this journey, keep in mind the qualities that define exceptional coaches: expertise, a tailored approach, a track record of success, empathy and continuous learning. By partnering with the right coach, you're not just investing in your leadership skills, but in your overall growth as a visionary leader poised to shape India's future business landscape. Embark on this transformative journey and unlock your full leadership potential today.


About Coach Johncey

Coach, Johncey George is a leading leadership and executive coach based out of Bangalore, India. Johncey has 23+ years of corporate leadership experience and is certified leadership and life coach. He is a certified Emotions Mastery Coach too.

What can Coach Johncey provide you as one of the leading and best leadership coaches in India?

Expertise and Experience: Johncey has 23+ years of corporate leadership experience as COO, Director and Board of Directors in various companies. He has done his Engineering from Bangalore University and Executive General Management and Leadership Programs from IIM Bangalore, Harvard Business School and ISB Hyderabad.

Johncey is a Leadership Coach for many professionals within and outside India for over 5 years now. He has completed over 1000+ hours of professional coaching.

ICF Professional Certified Coach: Johncey is an ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach. So all the guidelines set by International Coaching Federation is followed during the coaching process and you don’t have to worry about ethics, confidentiality and whether you are getting coached by someone with authority in this area.

Tailored Approach: The coaching journey starts with identification of goals to be achieved, a self-discovery process and conversations are tailored to the goals you want to achieve. At the same time, the process helps improve your self-awareness, self-esteem and overall growth as a person. The self-discovery process is a trademarked process that has created a Wow factor with every person who goes through this exercise.

Focused approach for Introvert Professionals: Johncey is an Introvert and he is passionate about coaching Introvert professionals. He has a focused approach for Introverts who want to fast-track their growth to Leadership Roles in India or abroad.

Empathetic Positive Coaching Approach

Coach Johncey’s coaching program focuses on an empathetic approach and a positive coaching environment where the Coachee is celebrated and not put down. In fact, Johncey is also a ICF Certified Emotions Mastery Coach.

Here is one of the testimonials from Coach Johncey’s Coachee

“…He is a great listener and asked just the right questions to guide me into distilling concrete goals from my vague ideas. His encouragement and occasional course adjustment were essential in meeting many of those goals." Jaishree Sanadhya. Sourcing Manager, Meta

Success Stories: While quite a few documented success stories which can be found here, below are a few testimonials from leaders in India, managing global portfolios.

“Johncey helped me think out-of-the-box and expand my horizon to possibilities that I didn't think were possible” CFO of a Fortune 500 Global Company

“Stakeholder engagement and Strategic Thinking are 2 key areas where I gained a lot from coaching with Johncey…. I have now taken up a new role as CTO” Pankaj Pophale, HSBC

"When I worked with my authentic values (discovered during the coaching sessions), I felt more confident in experiencing the outcomes and making the best out of them…. I strongly recommend him as a coach” Eshita Priyadarshini, India UX Lead, Google

More Success Stories can be found here.

Reach Out to Coach Johncey Set up a Chemistry meeting using this link: Chemistry and Expectations Meeting




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