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BNI Weekly Presentation Themes

I had the privilege to be the Weekly Presentation Coordinator of my BNI chapter for two terms in the past.

I personally believe that Weekly Presentations add a lot of energy to a BNI Chapter meeting. Around 30% of a chapter meeting is dedicated to Weekly Presentations.

Hence, the Weekly Presentation Coordinator can support the President with unique themes that energize the chapter meeting.

I collated a list of Weekly Presentation Themes that we used in our chapter and a few that I learned during various training programs. Please note that this is my personal recommendations and not an official BNI list.

If you resonate and find it appropriate, please feel free to use them in your chapter meetings and I would love to know how it went.

You can contact me using the contact details given at the end of this blog.

One common message I used to share is – irrespective of whatever theme you use, always have a Specific ASK during your Weekly Presentation. It should be related to the presentation you are doing that day.


  1. Start Your presentation as if you got a mobile inquiry call from a customer For eg. Yes, this is Johncey George, Leadership Coach for Introverts. Absolutely, we provide Soft Furnishing for Villas and Apartments. Yes, you are speaking to the right person; this is Sapna, who specializes in Food Photography

  2. Talk about a Success Story which you have with a Woman Customer (Women’s Day theme)

  3. What one feature/benefit of your product or service does your customer love?

  4. Artificial Intelligence cannot replace me (or my business) because…

  5. Talk about any element of our country’s flag and connect it with your business(During Independence Day or other national days)

  6. One collaboration you wish to do this year in BNI and how it will help your business. Go for a Power Buddy ASK as the Specific ASK

  7. Enact a famous scene of a movie (and/or a famous actor) and present your Weekly Presentation

  8. Use any hand/body gesture emphatically in your presentation to make a significant point  Eg - To show a number, use fingers; to show care for your customer show some signs, hit a six(cricket), score a goal

  9. In your weekly presentation, highlight how technology makes your product/service simpler or better for the customer

  10. Follow a recent positive social media trend and use it in your Weekly Presentation eg: “Looking like a Wow”

  11. Start your weekly presentation stating, “On a Friday morning…..” eg: On a Friday morning when I started my Car…       On a Saturday morning, when I woke up late…       On a Monday morning, after I dropped my kid to the school….

  12. Use words like light, cracker, fireworks, lamp, tree, snow, food item, balloon (anything used for celebrating a festival) and craft your Weekly Presentation

  13. In your Specific ASK, ask for a person with either your first, last, or middle name.   (Btw, we had a lot of fun that week in our meeting when this theme was used.)

  14. A new product or feature of my product or new service - which you introduced this year

  15. Present your weekly presentation like a Sports Commentator (any sports)

  16. Read your weekly presentation like a Newsreader

  17. Mention one Difficulty your client overcomes by using your product or service

  18. "Best Closure of the Month.”  You can start the presentation like this: "We/I closed a business with …. Why I like it is ….”

  19. Start your Presentation with “A Customer who is my Raving Fan is…” (Talk about a Customer who loves your Product/Feature/Benefit)

  20. If it is Rainy season, use the word Rain or Umbrella or Thunder or Lighting in your Weekly Presentation

  21. Use a Prop (bring any item that can represent your business)

  22. Swap your Presentation with a Power Buddy. You will do their Presentation, and they will do yours. (need some preparation even with the President to avoid any confusion)


As the Weekly Presentation Coordinator, it is important to announce the theme in advance and give some examples of how to use it.

You may also recognize the best or top 3 weekly presenters of that week, who adhered to the theme and had a specific ask.


My name is Johncey George. I am an International Coaching Federation Accredited Leadership and Life Coach. (ICF PCC)

I am a leading Leadership Coach for Introverts.

I run a flagship program Introvert Communication Mastery, helping Introverts Speak Up and become Confident Communicators in 60 Days. Visit for more details

I am a member of BNI Legends, Bangalore East Region since April 2019.

Proud BNI Member

I am a Director Consultant in the Bangalore Region and a Gold Club Member.

You can learn more about BNI here: . But the best way to experience BNI is by visiting a BNI chapter through someone who you know.

Please feel free to reach out to me for more information.

My contact details: My website is





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