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Ways to Crush and overcome the Fear of Failure

Are you struggling to cope with the fear of failure? Don’t you want to overcome the fear of failure? Fear of failure is a major hurdle in your journey towards achieving your goals. Whenever there is a new task or challenge, often the fear of failure comes in first. You must learn to deal with the fear of failure and start accepting new challenges.

Be it a child, a fresher, or an experienced professional, everyone faces this fear of failure. But give this a thought: if you have never experienced failure then will you ever be able to experience the pleasure of success. Will you really be excited about an accomplishment that seemed impossible sometime back? Actually, it’s the success achieved after a failure that gives you unparalleled joy.

There is a quote by Winston Churchill which explains the journey of success and failure “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” There could be a few ways that may help you combat the fear of failure:

  • Understand that fear is normal: You need to understand that fear is a normal thing. Whenever you accept new challenges or start new things, it is quite common to experience the fear of failure. But don’t let that fear get high on you, as fear only comes when you know that you are doing something good. This encourages you to do good and give your best to gain success.

  • Learn from your Failure: You can never have a risk-free life. Failure will always be a part of your life if you want to be successful. So, instead of running away, it is better to face the challenge and experience failure when it comes. The experience will give you a lesson and tell you where did you go wrong. Take failure as a teacher, not an enemy. Embrace your failure and learn from it. It is like an opportunity to explore more and start afresh in life.

  • Talk to someone you trust: Speaking with someone you trust, assures you of doing the correct thing. It gives you the courage to face a challenge. When you speak with someone you trust, you can share your fear and weaknesses without any inhibitions. Opening your heart out gives you a sense of calmness and courage to deal with situations. You would always get some comforting suggestions when you confide in those you trust.

  • Do your research well: Fear emanates from doubts and knowledge is the antidote. Instead of choosing to escape, reach out to your colleagues or manager to discuss the challenge, do your research well and prepare yourself to be equipped with the arsenal. Evaluate each available option before starting, give yourself time and prepare to take the risk. A well-planned and researched work will lead you towards success.

  • Question yourself: In the state of doubt, ask yourself about the results and the impact. Once you can weigh the consequences, you are ready to take the leap. Ask yourself what will happen if you don’t go for it? Would that stop you from learning something important? Will it keep you away from your goals? Find a reason to motivate yourself. Cover the risks well such as having a lifeguard around when you want to dive in a swimming pool as a learner

  • No Pain, No Gain: It is you who is going to decide whether you want to face the challenge or not. No one else can decide on your behalf that you want to pursue the target or you just want to walk off. It is you who has to decide to follow the path and attain your target. Whatever be the roadblocks, if you keep working towards your goal, one fine day you will achieve the target.

Hope the tips you read just now, help you in your journey. For more guidance, you may get in touch with Life coach Johncey George – a Certified Leadership Coach in India.



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