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Preparations you should do for your job search

What are some preparations you should do for your job search?

Before I go into the details, I would like you to change this particular mindset (if you have it) “Let me send my resume to every single person I know and all the companies irrespective of whether they have an opening or not”.

This approach is not always going to work. Why?

1. The companies look for specific skill sets and roles for their needs 2. They may not often advertise many jobs through a job portal 3. If you are not applying for a specific opening or to a specific person, your resume may not get shortlisted. 4. Many resumes may not get screened and the person who screens may misunderstand your expertise

So here are some tips:

1. Be very specific about the role/position you want to apply for

As highlighted in a different tip, be specific. Avoid generic words like Marketing, Sales, Data Analyst etc.

I would like to reemphasize the importance of specifying a role. These days, companies are looking for candidates with deep specialization while the candidate can understand and appreciate the related fields.

2. Decide the industry you want to apply in

If you have expertise in one particular industry, would getting a job in that industry be easier? Or would another industry consider this valuable? Identify the industries you can best contribute.

3. Identify the companies in this particular industry in your city (or your preferred city).

Do not worry at this point whether they are currently recruiting or not.

What if they decided to hire a role like yours, but are yet to make it public?

4. Research who the hiring Managers could be for the role you are looking for

Figure out the department the company is hiring for? Who is the department head? Who is the hiring manager?

5. Research and find out if their contacts are part of your network

Request the person in your network to connect you or recommend you to the Hiring Manager

This step is very important in the current age when there are several hundreds of applicants for a position.

Remember this: An IMPORTANT milestone is reached when your resume reaches the right person and they read it!

This is the reason I say, you should not send resumes randomly. If it does not reach the hiring manager or the person who shortlists, it will not help your case.

Sometimes, the job is not posted anywhere and they might be working with some consultants.

As mentioned above, there could be situations where they may need to hire for a position after a few months and hence they had not advertised. It’s a huge opportunity for you.

6. Use LinkedIn for your potential research

Please note that many job advertisements are done through LinkedIn and you should use this tool effectively.

Use LinkedIn to research for all the steps I mentioned above.

7. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is of high quality with accurate information and is visible

Today most recruiters and hiring managers research the potential candidates in Social media and LinkedIn is an important tool being a professional networking platform.

So it is vital that you have a professional profile of LinkedIn which is searchable and impress the potential hiring managers or recruiters.

I offer an online module called LinkedIn Profile Mastery as part of my Coaching Programs. Please reach out to me for more details through my website.

8. You should definitely customize the resume for the job you apply for. Read this tip for the same.

Author: Johncey George is an International Coaching Federation accredited Leadership and Life Coach. He is ICF PCC.

Johncey focuses on working with Introvert Professionals, helping them grow as leaders by unleashing their potential. He helps introverts celebrate their strengths and become successful as leaders. Being an introvert himself, he understands their thinking process. He combines this knowledge, his corporate leadership experience and his coaching experience to help create more leaders among the Introverts.

Johncey has 23 years of corporate leadership experience and done his BE and Management Education from IIM Bangalore, Harvard Business School, ISB Hyderabad.

His company, Johncey George Consulting Pvt Ltd, does Leadership Development through Coaching, under the brand Coach Johncey ( Follow Johncey:



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